Adam Ranney

Let’s give HIM everything that HE is
Let’s worship HIM for a moment


God, we’re so in love with YOU Jesus
We’re waiting for YOU Father God
We’re longing for that day Jesus
When YOU crack open the skies

Lord, and YOU come down
And YOU grab us Father
YOUR sons and YOUR daughters
We look for YOU Father God
We bless YOU

There’s a VOICE that’s calling out from the deep
For the day when all the Saints of God will see YOU
The world is watching, waiting, with a hope
For YOUR return, for YOUR return

So hear YOUR children crying out
We’re eagerly awaiting
With a deep anticipation,
For the day YOU call us home,

YOU are everything we’re living for,
Everything my heart longs for
Lord I worship YOU
While I’m waiting for YOU

-Adam Ranney

Elihana Elia

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